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We are a team of experienced consultants who provide tailored solutions for businesses across Asia-Pacific.

Who We Are

Lide Consulting is a professional consulting firm that offers a wide range of services to help businesses achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. We have offices in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and we work with clients from various industries and sectors.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to excellence, integrity, and innovation. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, challenges, and opportunities. We tailor our solutions to fit their specific contexts and objectives. We deliver results that are sustainable, measurable, and impactful.

What We Do

We provide customized solutions for business optimization, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, shipping and marine consultancy, business restructuring, corporate communications, and crisis management. We leverage our expertise, network, and insights to deliver value-added outcomes for our clients.

We specialize in deal structuring and strategic consultation in the areas that we engage in. Our objective is to assist and engage our client in their investment strategies, be it for the purpose of business growth, right-sizing of assets or debt restructuring. Below is a sample flow chart of the various aspects of our services

Internal Restructuring

  • Perform internal due  diligence to identify  loopholes & areas of  improvement, and advise  on strategic management  plans
  • Incorporate onshore/off-  shore holding company, and  perform changes to  intercompany shareholding  structure

Corporate Valuation

  • Perform corporate valuation
  • Advise on price negotiation  strategies

Deal Preparation

  • Schedule regular consulta-  tions on fund raising strategy
  • Prepare deal teaser and  information/investment  memorandum
  • Arranging for media exposure (where required)
  •  Media training for required person(s)

Investor/ Target Sourcing

  • Source and shortlist investors/  target companies
  • Assist or represent in the initial  discussions with the identified  investors/target companies

Deal Closing

  • Assist in all required due  diligences
  • Advise on terms &  conditions of definite  agreements
  • Assist in the deal performance  and closing activities,  including necessary licensing  works

Business Strategies and Structuring

  • Corporate and business  strategies and structuring
  • Business development and  management strategies
  • Business process & innova-  tion management
  • Corporate branding and  investor relations

Incorporation & Corporate Changes

  • Registration of corporate  incorporation and any  changes in corporate  information and  shareholding
  • Nominee shareholder and  director

Governance & Secretarial

  • Periodical and ad-hoc  corporate secretarial works
  • Adoption and maintenance  of best corporate governance  practices
  • Development of ESG Strategies

Human resource management

  • Talent development
  • Leadership training
  • Career progression schemes,  Employee benefits and  competitive remuneration

Business Continuity

  • Development of business  continuity plans, including  disaster recovery strategies  and emergency action plans
  • Leadership Succession  Strategy

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